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Hot Items
Chicken Breast Tenders  
Today's consumers are demanding natural products for their pets. Chicken Breast Tenders, made from 100% Chicken Breast Fillets, are freshly processed according to PCI's quality standards and formulas without additives or coloring. These premium treats are delicately roasted to perfection to insure the ultimate quality and flavor. Chicken Breast Tenders are sure to become your dog's favorite treat.
SKU: 2734888454   Price: $17.99Quantity:
Bully Sticks Medium 12 Pack  
100% all Beef dog treats.
SKU: 14184   Price: $24.00Quantity:
biOrb Service Kit  
The filter cartridge works like a waste bin, trapping dirt, once full it should be thrown away and replaced with a new one. This should be done every 1-2 months.

A partial water change of 30% should be carried out at the same time.


Replacement filter cartridge

Algae cleaning cloth

Sachet of water preparation chemicals.

SKU:   Price: $10.99Quantity:
biOrb Large Grass Ring  
Large Grass Ring - The Grass Rings allow you to personalise your biOrb aquarium. Simply slip the Grass Ring over the bubble tube for instant color. Three sizes are available.

Fits: 8 Gallon, 16 Gallon biOrb, and 9 biUbe

SKU: 72764   Price: $29.99Quantity:

biOrb Aquatic Topiary Plant - 3 Pack  
Aquatic Topiary can be simply added to the aquarium, instantly adding color and additional interest. Aquatic Topiary Packs contain three sizes with full instructions, they are a wonderfully simple way to enhance any aquarium in just a few minutes.

Fits all Reef One Aquariums.

SKU: 2272800295   Price: $19.99Quantity:
biOrb Algae Cleaner - Magnet  
Our new patented biOrb Algae Cleaner is set to revolutionize aquarium cleaning it features:

Better cleaning results - unique blade design removes algae in sheets rather than in a cloud allowing easier removal and is tough enough to remove the most stubborn algae, even coralline algae

Easy to use and less damaging - Hi tech polymer blades clean without scratching and prevents grit getting stuck in cleaning surfaces, and if the magnetic coupling is released it floats!

Simply dust the outer surface with a soft cloth to remove any grit and then move the out section of the cleaner, the internal section will follow cleaning algae off the inside of the aquarium - no more wet hands!

One product fits all - Unlike traditional cleaners this bladed design works equally well on flat sided or spherical aquariums made of plastic and glass

SKU: 72746   Price: $15.99Quantity:
biOrb 16 Gallon Aquarium Kit - Black  
The 16 gallon (60 litre) fish bowl incorporates the clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keeper.

Includes Bowl, Halogen Light unit, Plug top 12 volt transformer, Air pump, Ceramic Media, Filter cartridge, Bubble Tube, Airstone, Tap water treatment and sample pack of fish food.

You will be notified before your order is processed. Additional Shipping Charges May Apply.

SKU: 110790   Price: $199.99Quantity:
Baby biOrb 4 Gallon - Black  
Safe, stylish and simple, biOrb provides a healthy, happy environment for your fish. Supplied with ceramic media that provides a massive surface are for biological filtration and unlike aquarium gravel, won't clog with waste. It has a unique five stage filter process which works from the lowest point in the biOrb, collects all the waste into the filter, just like a trash can, allowing the biological filtration to be undisturbed. Even maintenance is simple as the disposable filter cartridge is quick and easy to change so keeping fish has never been so easy!

You will be notified before your order is processed. Additional Shipping Charges May Apply.

SKU: 110794   Price: $69.99Quantity:

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